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In today’s post, the professionals from Peoria Carpet Cleaners discuss flooring in a home and determine whether carpet or hardwood floor is the better investment for homeowners. This will include information on purchasing the flooring, installing the flooring and maintaining it over the course of its lifetime in your home.

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The popular opinion among home remodelers and homeowners is that hardwood floor is the best investment for the floor in your home. We feel the same, however, it’s important to note that hardwood floor costs significantly more than carpet.

The materials needed to install hardwood floor cost much more per square foot than carpet. This is because hardwood is an all-natural material, it is not synthetic or manmade like most types of carpet. All-natural is almost always more expensive than manmade materials and alternatives.

You will also need to hire a professional installer for hardwood floor. Installing hardwood floor is much more complicated than installing carpet and because of the significant investment, it is something you will want done 100% correct to ensure the durability and longevity of the hardwood floor.

The benefit of hardwood is its durability. A good hardwood floor can last the entire lifetime of a home. The floor might need to be refinished from time to time over the year but with proper care you will enjoy a hardwood floor for many years.


In past decades, carpet was the most popular choice for homes. Some homeowners even carpeted their bathrooms, if you can believe it. But now, in 2017, carpet has been surpassed by hardwood floor. However, there are still benefits to carpet, including cost.

The cost of polyester and nylon carpet fibers is much cheaper than the cost of hardwood floor. You will also find that paying to install carpet is cheaper than paying to install hardwood floor.

Another cost benefit of carpet is heat retention. Homes with carpet will be warmer than homes with hardwood floor and therefore heating and energy bills are often reduced and cheaper during cooler months of the year.

One cost of carpet you won’t have with hardwood floor is professional cleaning. To maintain carpet, you will need to vacuum it multiple times each week and you will need to hire carpet cleaners near you for their services. You will find that most carpet cleaners charge around $100 for three rooms of carpet and this service needs to be done each year.

The other downside of carpet is its durability. A carpet can be ruined if subjected to too much wear and tear or too much staining and soiling. Even if a carpet is well-maintained it will wear down after 10 years and need to be replaced. This means that over time the investment in hardwood floor will pay off compared to carpet but if you prefer color and comfort, choose carpet.

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