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How much energy does your home consume per hour? Do you find these calculations going out of your budget? Every person needs to make efforts to make his home energy efficient by reducing carbon footprints.

However, you might have installed advanced lighting systems at your home; still, there are so many things to do ahead. The fact is that you have to make few simple, painless changes in your living space to reduce the carbon footprint.

Here are few simple tips to reduce the carbon footprint in your home:

  • Track your energy consumption

The very first thing that every homeowner needs to do is monitor the routine energy consumption at home. You can install an advanced energy monitoring device that can keep on measuring the estimated amount of energy consumed by all appliances at your home. It will help you to know which old appliance has lots of its efficiency and must be replaced to ensure a long-term benefit.

  • Install new light bulbs

Very few people pay attention to the energy consumed by light bulbs but in actual the traditional bulbs consume lots of energy in routine. That is why professionals advise installing compact fluorescent light bulbs as they can help to reduce energy consumption by many folds and at the same time, it may help to reduce pollution in the environment. These latest energy efficient bulbs are available at low cost and they will also reduce your monthly bills while delivering best light in your rooms.

  • Treat your food waste well

We often have lots of waste food at home but instead of throwing it into the garbage bin you can compost it to avail many benefits. Researchers reveal that following this technique in routine can help to make a big difference. The food that is deposited to the landfill generates methane gas and it is almost 21 times powerful than carbon dioxide. When food waste is treated well it can help us to reduce the harmful greenhouse gases and the great news is that compost waste can be used for the home garden. As it will be 100% organic solution for your plants so it is good to build your compost bin now.

  • Plant bamboo

Bamboo is well known for its abilities to suck 4 times additional CO2 when compared to normal trees. Hence, it is good to plant bamboo in your premises and create a favorable environment for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Get energy star rated appliances

If you have 15 or 10 years old appliances at home and keep on using them regularly then you are increasing the carbon footprint. Stats reveal that in the US, almost 26% houses have 2 refrigerators and one of these uses to be the old one that has lost its energy efficiency. It consumes too much power and it is an enemy for human life. The best idea is to have appliances that are actually your requirement and when you buy them never forget to check the energy star rating to save more energy and cost at your home.

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